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Fun Homemade Caterpillar Cake

My nephew was having a bug theme for his first birthday. I created a homemade caterpillar cake for the main cake and a bumblebee cake for the smash cake (in another post). This was my first attempt at 3D cake, and I highly recommend it for its general ease and creative options.

I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan for the 4 body segments and the head. I used cakes from the Wilton Mini Wonder Mold for the tail and the legs. I had a structure under the head to hold it solid. I transported this cake several miles in a car, so I kept the head off until I arrived, then placed the head and decorated it at the party.

I used licorice for the mouth and nose. I also used licorice torn into small pieces and stuck into the icing like hair on one of the body segments. Another segment, I used Hershey kisses for spikes. I put icing stripes on one segment.

I had a couple extra mini wonder cakes that I put on the board and used licorice to make spider legs.

Best thing about the caterpillar is that it will feed lots of people; there were 5+ cakes involved. You can have a great variety of cake options because of the size and differentiation of the body segments. You can use creativity to make the body segments whatever you want. It’s aesthetically appealing even while being quite simple to make. Great crowd-pleaser.

This site gave me the courage and sent me in the right direction to make this homemade caterpillar cake, and I have been making 3D cakes ever since!

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