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Coolest Caterpillar Cake for Grandson

We had our hearts set on a  caterpillar cake for our grandson’s 2nd birthday so, after searching locally for ball pans without success we purchased Wilton Ball Pans online. Delivery was the biggest cost! Thinking we had never strayed from a recipe, we bought several cake mixes assuming test bakes would be required.

To our delight our first attempt was perfect. We used a 470 gram cake mix and split the batter between the 2 pans, secret for perfect release of the cakes was spraying the pans thoroughly with canola oil. Two bakes with vanilla and chocolate mixes gave us the 4  ‘body’ parts we required.

Butter cream icing was made in 4 colors, and each ‘body’ segment was decorated differently. Liquorice strips were used for the legs and mouth. Eyes are ‘goggle’ from a craft shop as were the pipe cleaners for feelers, these the only non edible items. Grass is dyed coconut.

Response was fantastic, kids at the party were swarming all over and needed restraining until ‘cake time’!  Parents loved it and accolades were a plenty!


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