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Coolest Cheeseburger and Fries Cake

This cheeseburger and fries cake is one of the coolest, simplest cakes I have done to date. I baked three 8in round cakes, and one chocolate cake, any size will do, since you will be crumbling it. Let the cakes cool completely. I made a large batch of butter cream icing and set three small bowls aside, you will need to dye one green for your lettuce, one red for the ketchup and one light light brown for the sesame seeds. The remainder of the icing needs to be dyed brown for your bun.

Place one 8in cake onto your cake board or plate, ice it with the brown icing for your bottom bun, the second cake needs to be iced on a separate plate, then place your chocolate cake crumbs all over the second cake till it looks like a hamburger patty. The cheese slices are squares of yellow fondant, place them so they hang over the edges a little. Then slide your hamburger patty on top of the cheese slices.

Next put your green icing in a icing bag, using a leaf tip add your lettuce. The tomatoes are circles of red fondant, place them on top of the lettuce, letting them hang over a little. Last ice your last cake with the brown icing on a separate plate then slide it on top to form your top bun. Don’t forget to add your sesame seeds to the top. The french fries are just french toast sticks drizzled with red icing.

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