Cool Homemade Cheeseburger and Fries Cake

I have fallen in love with making food look like other food.  Being invited to a friends cookout, I decided to bring the “burger” for dessert.  The cheeseburger and fries cake was a blast to make.

The top and bottom layers are yellow cake. The burger is chocolate cake with cake crumbs pressed around the frosted edge.  All of the vegetables are made from coloring, molding and shaping candy wafers.  The fries are yellow cake with red frosting.

At the party, I was sitting next to a five year old who was asking his mom for every goody at the event.  She told him that he must eat something healthy first.  I came to his rescue and brought him a plate with tomato, onion, pickle and cheese (all from the cake). He gobbled it all up and then asked for a piece of the burger.  He had everyone falling in love with him when, after all that, he looked up at me and asked: “What do you think the bun would taste like?”

Needless to say, that 5 year old boy had more than his share of sugar that day.