Coolest Cheetah Cake

I made this Cheetah Cake for my son’s 5th birthday party. He loves the cheetah and from that we decided to do a Africa Safari party, with a track hunting game (obviously with a treasure at the end), an elephant pinata etc.

I started the cake off with a cake pan in the shape of a teddy bear, which provided me with the round shape for the head and ears. The bottom part of the mouth was added to elongate the face, using a half moon shaped pan. The nose was also build up with extra peaces of cake. The extra parts I “glued” on with caramel.

I shaped the ears a bit more pointy, using extra icing sugar, most kids won’t mind that. I used photographs of real cheetahs as a reference for the colouring with the icing, which I only smeared on, to give a bit of a rough texture for the fur. For the details I used a icing tube, specific the star end for the spots.

For the whiskers I used brown pipe cleaners.

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  1. I did a cake for my sister that was a lion head on top of the cake and I looked through hundreds of pictures of cat cakes, and yours is by far the best I have seen. Did you sculpt the cake too, or was that a shaped pan. Unbelievable frosting work too. Most impressive.

  2. Analda, you do the coolest things ever for your kids!! Must really consider going into kiddie parties – so much creativity to offer!! Luba

  3. My nephew is having a jungle theme #5 birthday too. He is going to love this cake!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Hi Sharon. I started of by using a cake pan of a TEDDY BEAR / BEAR to get the basic shape with the ears etc. (This was basic a circle with 2 ears) Then I made the necessary changes: I extended the bottom part of the face by adding the mouth part to make the face look slimmer and more cat like. After that I aded the nose and top part of the mouth as a second level, to get a bit of a 3D feel. Hope you understand!

  6. I made this cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. She LOVES cheetahs and wants to work with them when she grows up! It printed off the picture, baked a couple of round cakes, cut and sculpted, then iced away until it looked just like this. Everyone was so surprised! Thanks so much for sharing. Nothing could have topped this!

  7. O< this is the best animal cake I have seen yet. The whiskers are great just the way they are. I wish you were my friend so you can help me do something like this.

  8. You should be proud of yourself! It looks amazing. I will print this and use it as inspiration for my son’s 6th birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  9. We tried to copy your cake for my daughters 9th birthday.It didnt come out nearly as perfect as yours but all the kids loved it-thanks a million!

  10. Cool cheetah cake. My daugther is turning 11 and she wanted a cheetah cake for the past 2 years. so we decided this will be the year for the cake, but now she wants a cake of a cheetah lying in a tree. HELP!!

  11. I’m hoping I can replicate this cake for my daughter Aubry. She will be turning 15 in July and get birthday theme is sassy, wild and free.

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