Cool Homemade Cheshire Cat Cake

A friend ordered this Cheshire Cat Cake for her daughter’s fourth birthday. It is white cake with vanilla butter cream. The base is two sheet cakes, with strawberries in between, stacked and frosted green to look like grass. The cat’s body was three 9” round cakes, stacked, cut and rounded on the sides. The face was created by cutting away from a 9” round cake to make the shape around the eyes and upper cheeks. The cat was then covered in purple butter cream; pink modelling chocolate was used for the stripes and the base of the mouth. Dark chocolate modelling chocolate was used for the eyebrows, pupils and mouth/nose/whiskers detail.

The eyes were yellow modelling chocolate wafers that I stuck in backwards. The teeth were done with white butter cream that I patted down with a little bit of cornstarch on my finger. I then did the lines between the teeth.

This cake was the hit of the party!

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