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Coolest Chewbacca 1st Birthday Cake Design

The Chewbacca 1st Birthday Cake Design I made for my son’s birthday. I wanted something that would be memorable for everyone who came and what would be more memorable than a Wookiee Cake?

The cake was a basic 4 Egg Yellow Cake baked in the Wilton Sports Ball Cake Pan. I cut the bottom off so it would sit flat and then cut the muzzle of the Wookiee. Once the desired shape was achieved I then stuck a dowel through the cake and covered everything in a Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. The fondant was a basic homemade marshmallow fondant that I flavored with Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix (process took a while) I also added some brown icing coloring to get the desired brown. Once the cake was covered with fondant I sculpted all the detail of the fur, I also added rolls of fondant to give Chewbacca his flowing fur. I added the eyes, lip and nose – those were also painted with icing colors.

Once the fur was finished I added a little bit of black icing and thinned everything with water so the fur would take on a depth.

I am extremely pleased with how this cake turned out and it was really good!



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