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Coolest Chicken Dinner Cake

We were asked to create a 21st birthday cake for somebody who eats nothing but chicken. This is how we created our Chicken Dinner Cake:-

We cooked 2 x 10” square orange flavoured Madeira cakes. We cut them in half horizontally and filled them with lemon butter cream. We then stacked them on top of each other to the height of a chicken. Using a chicken as a guide we carved the cake to the shape of the carcass. The legs and the wings were made of rice crispy treats, our first time of using this since we found this wonderful edible medium on a website.

Next we crumb coated the carcass and put it into the freezer for about 15 mins. The legs were then placed on the side of the cake and the whole cake was covered in caramel coloured fondant. We then dusted the colouring onto the chicken using browns and terracotta dusting powders.

We placed the chicken onto a ceramic turkey plate, thinking this would make the cake look more realistic!!

The carrots and peas are made from coloured fondant icing. The stuffing balls are made from rice crispy mixture which we rolled into balls and painted with chestnut food colouring diluted with vodka. The potatoes are rice crispy mixture covered in pale yellow fondant icing and textured with a fork to make them look crispy!! They are then painted with yellow food colouring diluted with vodka. These are left to dry and then the top is dusted with brown dusting powder to make them look golden delicious!!

The Yorkshire pudding was actually moulded in a Yorkshire pudding tin using rice crispy mixture and covered in teddy bear brown fondant icing. They were then painted with brown food colouring diluted with vodka, and left to dry. Once dried they were dusted with brown food colouring around the top edge.

We then placed the food around the plate.


6 thoughts on “Coolest Chicken Dinner Cake”

  1. I love this cake very inventive. If I saw this in a shop I would deffinately buy it. Well done to the creators a fantastic job well done.

  2. Karen and mike are the best cake bakers around their cakes are fantastic anything you ask for they will bake it with fantastic results they have bought grown women to tears when they are shown their cakes go Karen and mike you deserve to win this competition lots of luv chris xx


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