I made a promise to myself to learn to bake, so that I can bake for my kids. I watched many YouTube videos and experimented so many times in the kitchen. I’ve lost count of the number of failed cakes I’ve made! At my daughter’s 3rd birthday this year, I finally managed a cake that everyone loved, and I am so happy!

Our theme was “Going to the Sea” and she specifically requested for a cake in the shape of a fish. As chocolate cake is her favourite, I decided to make a 2-layer chocolate fudge cake, and simply cut out a slice to make a mouth, and placed the slice at the end to make a tail. The cake was then decorated with Peanut Butter Cups, and some long wafers. The fish-eye was made with a Peanut Butter Cup with a heart-shaped sprinkle on it. I added roasted cashews around the cake just to make it look more finished.

The cake was obviously not perfect but I did get a number of compliments not just about how it looks but also how it tastes.