I decided to make this chocolate fudge owl cake for a friend’s birthday as she likes owls and penguins. I decided against the penguin as black icing doesn’t taste that nice. I Googled some images to give me an idea of where to start. I had been recently given the Mary Berry baking bible as a present and have set myself the task of doing all 250+ recipes before I’m 50.

So made the sponge from her choc fudge cake recipe and coated it in the choc ganache to be able to strike one of my list. I made the owl using her recipe but any 3 egg choc cake one should do. I used a med size Pyrex bowl for the body and a small shaped tin for the head. I also added some cake trimmings to the bottom for added height. I carved the head onto a shape and  sliced and sandwiched the cakes together with the choc ganache. Then set them on a bed of matchmakers to look like a nest. I used a leaf shaped cutter and choc fondant to make the feathers. I piped butter cream for the eyes and the tummy and placed flaked almonds to look like white feathers.

Then I started at the bottom and working up I coated the cake in ganache and added the fondant feathers over lapping as I went. Next I mixed a small amount of choc and white fondant to make a light brown for the feet and beak, used a small amount of black for the eyes and choc for the ears. I finished off by dusting the feathers with some gold petal dust. I think he is my favorite cake to date and cant wait to see everybody’s face when I show them tomorrow!