For my daughter’s 1st birthday we decided to make a carrot cake inspired by her favorite toy at the time, a Choo Choo Cake. We wanted to make it as a baby friendly as possible!

I started off by making a carrot cake in a square pan and used the additional batter to make little cupcakes. After the cake had cooled I covered it with a light layer of cream cheese frosting.

To transform the log into a cake, I added a few of the cupcakes and some of my daughter’s favorite snacks (Cheerios and two types of baby cookies).

She loved the cake and recognized that it was like her toy right away! Although she ended up only eating the Cheerios and picking off some cookies, it was amazing to watch her really enjoy it! As this cake was made especially for her, we ended up making an additional cake for the adults (which they appreciated too!).

Overall this Choo Choo Carrot Cream Cheese Cake was a huge success! (now try saying that three times fast!!)