My nephew and his fiance asked me to make this cake for there baby’s christening. I made a grey bear with a white muzzle and a blue nose and I made his pads blue too. I used some pearls and strung a few of them together before adding a fondant cross and attaching to the bear under one paw. This was then set aside to harden.

I then covered the cake board in white fondant and set aside overnight to harden. I baked an 11″ vanilla sponge cake and when cooled I filled with butter cream and jam and covered in white fondant. I then baked a 9″ chocolate sponge cake and filled with butter cream and jam and covered this in white fondant too. I then placed the cake onto the cake board using a little butter cream to adhere it to the board and then attached 3 dowel rods into it before attaching the top layer of the cake.

I colored some fondant in grey and blue and used a little white too. I now measured around the cake to work out how many strips I needed to cover around the cake but also making sure I don’t end up with the wrong colors together. When I knew how many colored strips I needed, I set out to cut them out a few at a time so they didn’t dry out before attaching to the cake. When I finished this, using some of the blue icing, I rolled out a long strip to make the ribbon going around the top tier of the cake and attached this using a little water.

Now I had to make a bow. I worked out how big I needed the bow and then doing one loop at a time I cut out two oblong shapes the size I needed and then folded it in half using a rolled up piece of kitchen paper in between the fondant to form the loop and I wet the two loose ends of the first loop stuck them together and pinched them to make a ruched effect for the center of the bow. I made the other loop the same way. I now made the center strip the size I needed to cover where the two loops meet.

I made two tails for the bow. I first attached the tails to the cake and then I placed the loops onto the cake using a little water to stick them to the cake. I left the kitchen paper in the loop until they hardened slightly, and then I attached the center piece of the bow.

I  attached the bear to the top of the cake and then cut out circles using an icing tube in the colors blue and grey and randomly attached them to the cake. all that was left to do now was pipe ice around the base of the cake and cut out and attach the lettering to the cake board.

The christening was a lovely day and they loved the cake.