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Coolest Homemade Christmas Cakes

A friend went to a store and bought a standing teddy bear cake pan and asked me to make this Christmas cake for her kids.

I made one chocolate cake and one yellow cake and put them together with some icing (it works as “glue” to keep the two cakes together). I got some fondant, food color, MMs and chocolate icing.

I mixed a little bit of the fondant with black food color and the rest with red: With the red fondant I made the little shirt and the the sleeves and put on the cake following the shape of it and trimming with a knife and I made a little triangle for the hat. The belt was made with black fondant.

I got some chocolate icing and started working with my finger to make it look like a teddy bear fur. You can make the eyes with white icing or white fondant and brown MMs.

The kids loved it!

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