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Coolest Christmas Cottage Cake

My siblings and I remember fondly a cake that my mom made when we were little with the Wilton house pan for a Christmas party at our house so this year, I recreated a Christmas cottage cake with a few changes.

I baked a small sheet cake (I didn’t want a HUGE cake because it didn’t need to feed too many people), and then the Wilton house pan, both using pound cake. All icing was the Wilton buttercream recipe and I just used it without coloring for the snow, leaving space for the path to be set down.

I iced the spot for the house, added that cake and then refrigerated to “glue” the cakes together. I used a smaller star tip for the house sides, iced it flat for the door, found half-sized Twizzlers at a gas station that were the perfect size!

The roof is just tinted icing piped on using a large star tip to give it texture and then Twizzlers added. I used gum drops around the outer edge as a fence, Xmas colored M&Ms as the path and doorknob.

The finishing touch were the 3 Christmas tree cookies that I stole from a cookie bouquet we received at work from Cookies by Design, but I can see icing your own sugar cookies and either making trees or gingerbread people. I sifted powdered sugar over the whole thing for a dusting of snow.

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