Coolest Christmas Presents Cake

This Christmas Presents Cake is a stack of Wrapped Cakes made to look like the real thing! The bottom tier is white cake with white fondant and a silver dusted bow. I used vodka to apply the silver dusting, it helps it to stick to the fondant and then evaporates leaving just the silver dust behind! and its edible.

The second tier is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and green fondant and a red bow. I made the red bow out of red fondant. Each loop is made separately and then they are stacked together to make the finished bow. There is also holly and poinsettia flowers I created out of gum paste.

The top layer is red velvet cake with buttercream filling covered in red fondant and quilted pattern covers the cake and silver beads at each junction of the quilt. I used a neat new tool that you can press into the fondant to create the quilt pattern and the beads are edible candies.

This cake is fun and really isn’t difficult to recreate. Use your imagination! I used wooden dowels to hold the weight of each tier.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Christmas Presents Cake”

  1. This cake is absolutely beautiful! It inspires me to try to use fondant – I may have to try it (maybe with just one layer to start).

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