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Coolest Christmas Santa Clause Cake

We made this Christmas Santa Clause Cake for our child for Christmas. The idea came from a doll house that I had as a child with a tiny version of this cake (you can see it in the picture). Our child liked it also all these years later and asked us to make a real one.

We started with a store-bought cake mix and store-bought icing. We baked it in two 8 X 8 cake pans. We put icing and strawberries in between the two layers. Then we iced the entire top and sides with white icing. We also used an extra tub of icing to decorate the top. We kept the toy Santa Clause cake nearby and tried to replicate it as exactly as possible.

We mixed red and black food coloring with icing in separate bowls to make red, pink and black colors. Then we piped the details on using bakers’ bags and decorating tips. We used a thin tip to make the nose, eyes, mouth and cheeks. We used a thicker tip for the eyebrows and beard. It was very simple to make.

Creating the beard was the most fun part. Our child loved it. I highly recommend making one of these for your next holiday party! It doesn’t take much more time than making a regular cake, and kids really love it. Our child was absolutely delighted with it.

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