Coolest Cinderella Birthday Cake

My daughters are triplets and for their 6th birthday they wanted a princess party. I let them each pick their favorite princess. For Lori, we picked a Cinderella birthday cake. Her doll is meant to go in the bathtub, so her top is painted on.

For the cake I used a yellow sponge cake baked in half of the sports ball pan for the rounded top, and it fit perfectly on my smallest sauce pan. I was still an inch or so short for her long legs so I cut graham crackers to fit the front and back and filled in the sides with mini marshmallows, piped icing over the top.

The base coat is butter cream tinted blue and smoothed with a wet knife. I used the easy bake frosting pan for the white butter cream frosting on her shoulders and at her waist. It’s battery powered and my daughters can even use it.

I made the roses ahead and let them set up on wax paper, and then let her place them on the cake. I also damped the cake with a wet paint brush and let her add the sprinkles.

It isn’t perfect, but she was so proud to be able to help! We removed the doll and placed the #6 candle in the opening when it was time to blow it out.