Easy Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

I baked the Cinderella birthday cake using the Wilton sports ball pan. I only used one half of the “ball” to create the skirt. I purchased an inexpensive short Barbie type doll, and removed her legs (this is why it needed to be cheap lol).

I iced the dome first to get the cake to look smooth. Then pressed the doll into it. I piped the dolls top to match the dress, then piped stars around the skirt and dots around the torso. I used white icing to pipe the peplums on the hips, and tiny white “pearl” candies for the beading around the dress, and even used them to give the doll some jewelry.(easier to place if you use tweezers)

The little princess I made this for couldn’t have been more thrilled with her “Cinderella” cake.