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Coolest Homemade Cinderella Cake With Gumpaste and Fondant

This Cinderella cake was made for two little cuties birthdays this past weekend. I wanted to take on the task of creating an edible doll as opposed to the “stick a pick doll in it” method and she turned out! yay! This is all cake with gum paste and fondant detailing.

The doll part is the fun part. I bought a Dollar store Barbie and took her apart, then bought a silicon mold (make your own) kit from Micheals called “Easy Mold”. I made my own (food safe) mold of the torso and both arms separately. These are quick and ready to use within 20 min! I pressed my gum paste into the molds, pushed a sucker stick straight up into the head to support the neck and popped it out to let it dry. After some drying time I used edible paints to decorate the face and used more yellow colored fondant to make her hair.

I dressed her upper half in blue fondant. The cakes were a 10 x 10 inch square base cake and the dress part was an 8 inch round with a small cake baked in a Pyrex bowl sandwiched on top of it. I filled the cakes that made up the dress and then froze it in order to make for easy carving. After slight freezing I took out the dress cake and carved it accordingly. I covered the dress portion in blue fondant and loosely worked around the bottom to create a draping effect.

Once I finished the dress I popped 4 support straws in the base cake and topped it with the dress which was on it’s own cake board. Finally I inserted a long straw straight down the center of the dress, and popped the sucker stick into the straw giving my girl stability. After she was in the waist accents and arms were added and voila! Hope you enjoy!!

Coolest Cinderella Cake

Coolest Cinderella Cake

Coolest Cinderella Cake

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