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Cute Homemade Cinderella Carriage Cake

I made this Cinderella carriage cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Everybody loved it and it was simple to make. I just used two cake mixes made according to package directions. I poured them into two bunt pans. I made them the day before I decorated them and after they cooled, I put them in the freezer. This made it easier to decorate.

I placed one cake upside down and the other on top with icing in the center to hold them together. We used a light blue color and frosted the whole cake. Then I piped pink frosting to make the door and yellow frosting to make curtains. I then placed an ice cream cone in the hole at the top of the cake. Then I piped it with green frosting.

The wheels I used some crystal wired rope stuff that I found in the weeding cake supply section. It needs to be wired so that it will hold the shape that you want. The base of the cake was a Tupperware container that I wrapped in lime green fabric.

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