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Coolest Cinderella Coach Cake

My 3 yr old daughter just loves Cinderella and after riding in a “Coach” she just wanted the coach for her cake. This Cinderella Coach Cake was a second cake so I didn’t want too much cake and came up with the idea of rice krispie balls.

I made a 1/2 batch of Rice Krispies and used Wilton food dye to color the balls, then continued with another 1/2 batch using a different color and then an additional 1/2 batch. The blue was hard to make an acceptable color and came out a pale purple which my daughter loved!!

Using cooking spray on my hands, I shaped the krispies into balls and let cool on wax paper. Then I placed each ball on a toothpick and attached to a Styrofoam ball. I flattened the bottom so it would stay upright and shaped the top ball into a “stem”. Then I used Vanilla Oreos for wheels and colored some fondant to make the ball look more like a pumpkin coach.

The kids had a ton of fun eating the treats on a stick!

Coolest Cinderella Coach Cake

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