Coolest Cinderella Doll Cake

I used a Cinderella doll from Walmart to put in this Cinderella doll cake. Because of the height of this doll, I had to bake a doll cake and an additional 9 inch round cake. It almost fitted together perfect when I put them together. I set the doll cake on top of the 9 inch round and only had to angle slice off a bit to get the dress to a consistent shape.

I used a long handled dessert spoon to dig the hole for the doll’s legs a bit bigger. I wrapped her in saran wrap so she was not greasy and the little girl could play with her. Then I just frosted her smooth. I always use Wilton’s buttercream icing. I just like the way it decorates.

I put a bunch of flowers around her dress just using all of the floral tips I had. The lace look on the front of her dress was cake tip 2. I just made a bunch of diamonds and put a star where they met. Not sure if you noticed, but I missed one star. Still drives me crazy looking at the pics. Very simple to make.

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