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Coolest Cinderella Princess Cake

Well I normally make lots of cupcakes and cookies, hardly ever cakes as I’ve always thought that if I mess up a cupcake I can quite easily bake another batch and start again but a cake is BIG and daunting. I offered to make this cake for a friend I work with as she was having a party for her 4 year old daughter but had no time to make any cakes. I told her that I would try my best and not to exopecytt much.

The party was on Sunday 17 th March and my birthday is on 16th March but I was eager to do this for her and as my days of crazy birthday parties are over (due to two small kids) I knew I would be able to give this a good shot. After putting the kids to bed I started the cake, the request was for a vanilla sponge so this I baked from scratch using a Victoria sponge recipe. First the dress went in the oven and for this I used a small round Pyrex bowl. I coated the inside of the bowl with olive oil, spread then a coating of flour and crossed my fingers for the best. I then baked the two base cakes and these were 9 inch round cakes that were to be sandwiched together with vanilla butter cream.

Thankfully the bowl cake edged out like a dream and I could start icing it once cooled. I put a rough coat of vanilla icing then measured the bowl cake and cut out a circle of fondant slightly bigger in circumference. I knew I had to work fast here to maker the gathers of the skirt. Once done I dressed the doll’s torso and stuck her in to the cake, I then made the gathers on the side of her skirt using two cake pop sticks under some fondant.  I cut out little flowers and pushed them into her dress for added detail.

I then covered the base cakes with fondant and cut out more flowers and butterflies and placed them round the cake. I rolled fondant balls for the base of the cake and covered the board Edith fondant too.  My job was done and even though I was now tired, I was pleased with the outcome and couldn’t wait for them too see it.

The morning of the party my 3 year old looked at the cake in amazement and said “mummy WOW” the then called Daddy over to come and see the cake, his face was my confirmation that I had done an ok job.

Taking it to the party was stressful as it was raining and snowing so I had to cut over my Cinderella in a bin bag, not a very glamorous easy for princess to travel but needs must. With my husband driving and me holding the cake for dear life we got it to the party safely.

Her mum was very impressed and so were all the parents, the little girls eyes lit up with joy as I carried to her while every one sang happy birthday and her big brother shouted out how  amazing his sisters cake was……..awwwwww. I was a little embarrassed but quite proud too. This has now given me the confidence to do some other cakes and not be too afraid.