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Coolest Cinderella’s Gown Birthday Cake

I was asked by a good friend to make a Cinderella cake for her 4 year old daughter’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, so off to the internet I went to find some ideas.  I found an amazing design online and decided to try my best to copy it.

I baked 2 cakes (one 9″ and one 6″) and colored them pink with Wilton icing gel. I then covered them in purple butter cream.  To make the dress, (which took into the wee, wee, weeeee hours of the night) I used Wilton’s ready to roll fondant and colored it using their gels.  I used Periwinkle and Cornflower to make the different blues in the dress.  I also added a touch of royal blue to make the main portion of the dress closer to the right shade of blue.

To make the dress, I covered the top cake in the fondant and smoothed it out.  The bottom cake, I did the ruffle in the front with the lighter blue for underneath (but just in the front, not to cover the entire cake to save fondant). The rest was made with the darker blue, just being pleated as I saw fit to fall around the dress. I added the sash and sleeve caps as well, then dusted the entire cake with the pearl dust in blue for the darker portions and silver for the lighter. I then topped it all off with a lovely tiara I’d found…you’ve got to have a good one! For the jewel in the sash I just balled up some fondant and painted it with the silver pearl dust mixed with a touch of water (although I think you’re actually supposed to use clear vanilla extract, but oh well!).

I covered a pizza baking tray in white fondant that I’d pressed on one of those fondant pattern mats to make it look more polished and pretty for the ball!  The cake was as hit and it was so fun (and sometimes frustrating) to make.

Coolest Cinderella's Gown Birthday Cake

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