I copied the fabulous ‘City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake’ (or as my son calls it – ‘the busiest city you’ve ever seen’) on this website for my son’s 4th birthday party. Here’s how it turned out.

I obviously altered the road shape from a 2 to a 4. I also made some other adjustments – using supplies and sweets available in South Africa.

I used 3 boxes of Ina Paarman’s chocolate cake mixture to get a big enough cake. The roasting pan was 43 X 33 X 7.6 cm or 17 X 13 X 3 in. I baked it for 45 minutes. I then put it in the freezer for the morning before covering it in chocolate butter icing as per the instructions on the box (butter, icing sugar, cocoa and coffee).

I bought ‘plastic icing’ for the road – to make it stand out as being smoother than the surrounds. I used black gel to get the grey of the road and yellow gel for the markings. It was easy to work with – I just rolled it on wax paper and moved it onto the cake in sections.

Instead of cardboard for the bridge, I cut a portion of Swiss roll in half. I used crushed Oreos, chocolate Flake, Eet Sum More chocolate biscuit balls, round Ginger biscuits, M&M’s, and speckled eggs for the rocks and dirt. Blue icing (icing sugar, water and colour) for the water and green icing for the grass. I stuck the ready-made flowers and hearts into the icing.

Finally, I put the vehicles, jet ski and plastic workmen on top. The boys got to keep one of the vehicles straight off the cake and I had something else for the girls. That way I could dispense with the party packs.

I made dump truck and cement mixer biscuits to complement the theme.

The 4 year olds were suitably impressed! Many thanks to D Gretchen for the idea!

Coolest City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake

Coolest City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake

Coolest City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake