Coolest Clemson Birthday Cake

I made this Clemson Birthday Cake for my cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday. He loves Clemson. We live in SC! I made 2 square 9 in. cakes. Then stacked and iced them with chocolate buttercream. I used a picture and taped it to the counter and taped wax paper on top. I then traced the football image with royal icing using a #3 tip.

I let that dry then filled it in with thinned royal icing. I tinted all icing using Wilton gel colors. I made the dots on wax paper then peeled them off and placed on cake. Also did the name and tiger paw the same way! It’s important to outline everything first, then let it dry overnight. Then fill in with tinted thinned royal icing. I tried using the colorflow method and it didn’t work for me. The royal icing was much easier. And with the royal icing you can lay your piece directly on the cake. You can’t do that with colorflow.

Then I added a border with a star tip. Thanks!!