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Coolest Clifford Dog Bone Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday, he asked for a Clifford theme and in particular a Clifford Dog Bone Cake. Using the other cakes on this site for inspiration, I came up with the bone design first.

Using two heart-shaped cakes (points trimmed off) on the ends and a rectangle cut from a loaf pan for the middle, I stuck them together with butter cream icing (store bought) and iced the entire bone and then froze it. Once it was hard, I covered it with Wilton’s pure white rolled fondant. It was my first time using fondant and it was a little tricky to get the hang of at first.

For the actual cake, I stacked two 9×13 cakes (also store bought) and put chocolate fudge icing in between the layers. Then I iced it in vanilla and let it harden in the freezer. Using Wilton’s primary yellow rolled fondant, I covered the rectangle cake. It wasn’t perfect but good enough for a first try and for a 3 year old!

On another site, I saw paw prints made with a peppermint patty and three junior mints. Since my family loves peppermint patties, that was a perfect paw print for this cake. I used candy letters on the bone and candy bones and rolled fondant balls as a border around the bottom.

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth figures are from Scholastic Books. This was a fun cake to make and I learned a little about fondant and I will try using it again. The cake was a hit and someone even asked where I got it from!

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