Coolest Clone Wars Lightsabers Cake

Watcha need:

2 cans of frosting (white)

blue, red and green food coloring

blue, green, red sugar

4 Twinkies

2 skewers

2 ice cream cones

black sprinkles

I made this homemade Clone Wars Lightsabers cake for my nephews 8th birthday and he loved it!!!

I made a 13×9 sheet cake, then colored white frosting from a can blue with food coloring. After frosting the cake I put blue sugar on top to make it sparkle.

Lightsabers = easy!!!! I bought Twinkies, cut a little off one end of Twinkie to make square so they fit together, then feed a skewer into Twinkie like a hot-dog, add another one so it looks like a large corn-dog! lol! Leave some of the skewer on there to help you handle them! Repeat so you have 2 (tip: put on paper plate! Also use a long spatula to help put Twinkies onto cake).

Then take another can of frosting color some red and some green, ice up the Twinkies so you have one green and one red. I sprinkled them with red and green sugars to Sparkle or glow ;)

Ice up the ice cream cones, then sprinkle some black sugar… all I could find was some Oreo like sprinkles… it worked out.. lol. Angle as you slip on ice cream cones onto butt end of Twinkies on the cake.

Then I bought some mcds (star wars theme) toys to top it all off!

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