Cool Homemade Clown Birthday Cake

I was having a hard time trying to come up with a homemade clown birthday cake idea for my son Joseph on his 4th Birthday and after looking on the net, I decided to just design my own.

The first thing that I had to do was cut out a couple of templates using some large sheets of thin cardboard. One for the face and hat, the other for bow tie. I used household items to help me with the shapes. Example: Trace around a dinner plate for the face size. Different sized drinking glasses for pom pom and bow. For the hat I just used a ruler and rounded it on the edges.

Next step was to make up a simple slab of sponge cake and cut out the shapes using a sharp knife. To decorate I used vanilla icing, separate portions which I coloured using food dye and coated each section the colour of choice.

Last was the lollies and edging. Silver balls on the pom pom, piped coloured icing for any lines, round sugared jelly and smarties for the eyes. Coloured sprinkles on the hat. Hundreds and thousands for the hair. One can go wild with their imagination.

I had lots of fun creating this homemade clown birthday cake and my son thought it was the best birthday ever!