Cool Homemade Clown Cake

This is my clown cake! My 4 year old grand-daughter climbed in my lap and ask “Grandma can you fix me a Clown Cake?” I said yes and her sister said “well we are having our party together-so you need to fix me a flower cake!”

So to start I took a cake decorating class at our local craft store. It’s not very hard to play with colors and you really can’t mess up …children will eat it up! This is a box mix-vanilla with strawberry pie filling in between the layers. I iced it with a butter cream icing. The colors were from the tubs of icing you buy at any grocery store.

I made her name out of melted purple candy. I think that this is just a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hold back. I mean this with my whole heart, it’s easy and fun. If you have enjoyed coloring a picture you will enjoy designing your first, second, third….cake. I have done dozens of cakes and I have never been paid for one. I give cakes as gifts of LOVE!