Coolest Coach Purse Cake

My mother in law’s birthday was late February and like most women they all like bags and can’t get enough of them. My inspiration for making this Coach purse cake was actually her bag which is black and since red her favorite color I made a red cake. I like to make small cakes that are just enough and not end up eating cake for the rest of the week. This purse cake was about eight inches long, four inches wide at the base and three inches at the top. I used an impression mat with flowers on the red fondant to give it a prettier look than just plain “leather” look. Who knows it might catch on! The handle is made of gum paste with a wire to form the curve. Originally I made a buckle and flat strap but that didn’t work out and just broke so I had to rush and make this handle overnight and dehydrated it in the toaster oven for about two hours. At least everyone got to see the cake with the handle and then it broke.

For the cake I baked a dark chocolate cake mix in a 9”x13” pan and used only half of the pan lengthwise. I made them into four layers and filled them with vanilla Swiss Meringue Butter cream and carved the cake into the shape of the bag I wanted, then crumb coated it and put it back into the refrigerator to chill for a few hours to set. When I brought out the cake I wasn’t happy with the shape so I carved more off and crumb coated that part and covered the cake with the red fondant one side at a time. The parts that holds the zipper pull is made out of gum paste and was made ahead of time to dry and them painted with silver luster dust. I made a few to allow for breakage.

The zipper itself is made out of fondant and that was the most tedious part of the purse cake. The teeth was made by using an exacto knife to make indentations in the fondant to resemble a real zipper. Then it was painted with silver luster dust also. The zipper pull is also made out of gum paste and made ahead of time to dry. I used a cake decorating tool that has points on it to make the stitching around the zipper pull. I carved “Coach” into the zipper pull by using an exacto knife.

My mother in law and sister in law especially were really looking at the detail. The zipper especially because it looked like a real zipper. My mother in law didn’t want to cut the cake but cakes are meant to be eaten so eventually she cut it. Everyone loved the purse and cake itself.

I enjoyed the challenge and I’ll probably make another purse cake in the future. Mother’s day is coming up soon. I just need to work on the handle so it doesn’t break.

Coolest Coach Purse Cake