I wanted to make a cool cake for my father in law for his birthday. He drives a (blue) coal truck, and he was in Kentucky on his birthday. But in the next few days when he got back I had him the most awesome birthday cake he ever had. He loved it.

I was researching online trying to find ideas for a coal truck birthday cake, and I did my own version of what I found. I just used a long loaf pan, and trimmed out the image, and added frosting made from powdered sugar, and Oreos for wheels. I couldn’t find anything to serve as the pipes, so I just got some straws and wrapped them in foil (the kind of straws that have the bend on the end, so they will bend right). And I cut out a little out of the “bed” like maybe 1/4″ deep, and crumbled up Oreos in it for the “coal”.

It was my 2nd cool cake I have made. But I think it was the coolest.