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Coolest Coca Cola Lady Cake

The Coca Cola lady cake is a cake that I made for my daughter on 2-21-09 as she loves coca-cola and is an avid collector of coca-cola items. She wanted me to make her a coca-cola doll cake that looks like a vintage coke lady.

So I used a picture of a vintage coca-cola lady poster that she has and tried to use it as a model. My daughter doesn’t like fondant so she wanted me to use my home-made buttercream icing on the cake. I used the Wilton doll cake pan and used my special buttercake recipe for the cake, then made my special home-made buttercream icing in snow white.

After baking and cooling the cake I inserted the doll (used doll pick). I colored just enough snow white icing to use for collar, sleeve strips, waistband and strips around bottom of dress, also for color on hat and parasol. I used flat tip and trimmed the strips on bottom of dress, waistband, sleeves and collar with bow in red. I then used snow white icing & tip 16 star and filled in bodice and sleeves making sleeves puffy looking by adding double layer of stars. Then I filled in dress skirt with all 16 snow white stars.

I used shell tip to make border around bottom of skirt in white icing and then used rose tip to make ruffle border on bottom of skirt (you put the ruffle border on top of shells, that will make the ruffle that touches skirt stand up).

The day before I made the hat and parasol out of fondant, let them shape over night then added the red strips and bows out of red icing, I made the big red flower on back of hat out of gumpaste and painted it red with icing color mixed with clear vanilla flavoring. I used a small stick and added fondant on each end to shape the parasol handle.

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  1. Great job Trudy! I almost seems a shame to cut a cake that took so much time and obviously so much love in it. You do beautiful work.


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