Coolest Computer Keyboard Cake

My friend wanted a cake for her nephew. Well she wanted it to be a computer cake and so I went with that. The cake is chocolate. I made three half sheet cakes. Two of them were layered and then cover with marshmallow fondant that I colored brown and made sure not to get the colors evenly blended. That way when I rolled it out the cake would look like wood.

With the third half sheet I cut out the keyboard and the mouse. Both the keyboard and the mouse were covered with black colored fondant. On the keys I used the square fondant cutters. The keys on the keyboard were made out of the fondant as well. The smallest one the the letter keys and the middle one was use too and then cut in half for the shift, enter and tab buttons.

The screen is foam covered with plaster strips and then painted black. I made the screen by making it look like pop up and then had the paper laminated and then glued onto the screen.

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