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Coolest Confirmation Cake

This Confirmation Cake is a cake I made for my 13yr old daughter’s Confirmation. I had found the idea on line while browsing on line for confirmation/communion cakes.

The little girl is made of fondant, that I make from a recipe that I also found on line (the Cook Duke recipe). I used cookie cutters to cut out all the flowers and let dry a couple of days prior to baking the cake.

The lines and dots on the sides were my attempt to cover up my botched attempt to make it look like a quilted pattern by pressing a ruler along the sides in a diamond pattern, I ended up cutting into the fondant so,I improvised and covered it with icing. I am not very good with the piping bag as of yet, but hope to get better with practice.

This is a two layer cake, with butter cream icing underneath and in between the layers. The purple icing is tinted with coloring gel. I made the hair using my garlic press, by squeezing fondant through it. The eyes are made by dipping a toothpick into the color get and poking a small whole with the tip.

I used white butter cream icing to stick everything to the cake. My daughter loved it! The cross was borrowed from a necklace.

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