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Fun Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

My son loves tractors and construction trucks, so I did a little of both for his birthday. I made a construction birthday cake from a 11*13 white cake with a fresh strawberry buttercream inside. Finished it with a neoclassic buttercream.

I used crushed Nilla wafers for the road and border and pile of dirt. I then used chocolate raisinets and yogurt raisinets for the different rocks. I was going to do spun sugar for the hay pile, but ran out of time.

This was simple to do and he loved it!

3 thoughts on “Fun Homemade Construction Birthday Cake”

  1. What a creative cool idea for a birthday cake for a boy! When my son was Ethan’s age I made him a train cake. This is unique and very fun. What a great idea Tracey!!!

  2. Hi Tracey

    What a great job you did on Ethan’s birthday cake! You’re just so talented you combined both of his favorites on his special cake. Ethan must of been so excited when he saw his cake.



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