Cool Homemade Round Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

My stepson asked for a Cookie Monster Birthday Cake for his 7th birthday. I used Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and spread it in a 12″ disposable aluminum pizza pan. Baked for 18-20 min @ 375.

I frosted with Betty Crocker whipped vanilla cake frosting, tinted blue and black (Wilton colorings). I drew the mouth first (piped frosting with a “writing” tip and then filled in/spread). Then I centered the eyes, which are Nilla Wafers coated in white frosting. This helped give a “3D” appearance to the eyes.

Finally I drew Cookie Monster’s head and hand outline in black and filled in with blue using the star tip. I added the border using the star tip as well —- cookie cakes must have a frosting border!!!

I used a Nilla Wafer for the cookie and black frosting dots to make it look like chocolate chip. And yes, I took a bite out of the cookie to make it more realistic!!

It was easy, fun, and tasted great!! My stepson said it was “COOL!”

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