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Cute Homemade 3D Cookie Monster Birthday Cake With Cookies

I started this Cookie Monster Birthday Cake by baking a single layer chocolate 10 inch square cake and a white cake in the Wilton wonder mold cake pan. I made the head with using Rice Krispie treats shaped in the ball pan. I frosted the square cake with white frosting then assembled “Cookie” by carving an a slight indentation on the bottom of the molded Krispie treat to fit over the top of the wonder mold cake securing it with long wooden skewers.

I shaped arms with Krispie treats and attached them to the body with frosting and skewers. I carved the mouth with a serated knife and frosted the inside with black frosting. I frosted the entire body with blue frosting. I then moved this on top of the square cake. I used a large Wilton #235 tube to make the fur. I finished the borders on the square cake added some mini M&Ms for a variety of colors. I put cookies around “Cookie” crumbled some to put crumbs in his mouth on his fur. I did use ping pong balls for the eyes.

I try to do unique cakes for my Grandchildren and this turned out so cute I had to share.

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