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Cool Homemade Cookie Monster Birthday Cake for my Grandson

What a time I had with this Cookie Monster birthday cake. I decided I would make a birthday for my grand-son’s first birthday and what an experience that was!  I did fine making the cakes for this project. I had to really put a lot of thought into this design made of chocolate, French vanilla, and strawberry cake.  After I froze the cakes now comes time to make icing and filling the piping bags with as much as they would hold to decorate a huge Cookie Monster that stood two ft high and 10 in in diameter.

The cake was nothing to construct, it was the icing that really was a total experience. I had never made a 3-D cake in my life and what made me decide to do so was beyond me. Everything was going smooth and according to plan when it started getting warm and the icing started to peel away from Cookie Monster making him bald in spots. I started to panic, I placed his spotted body into the refrigerator after clearing a huge space and taking out shelves, lol, it was a funny sight.  But anyway I proceeded to put what seemed to be hair like icing on Cookie Monster. Yeah!  I made it!  He made it!  And the party was wonderful!

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