Cool Homemade Furry Cookie Monster Cake

This was made from 2 9 x 13 cakes. I froze the cakes before carving. I used online pics of other cakes and free handed the shape on paper then placed on top of the two cakes to cut out his shape. I used the trimmings to make his hand. I did a crumb frosting in blue first. Then I used already made black frosting and drew and filled in the mouth. I used the #233 grass tip to make the fur with white icing I colored with royal blue die. The eyes are made out of rolled white fondant. I colored the fondant black to make the black circles for the eyes as well. Then I used two chocolate chip cookies on in the hand and one I broke then put in the mouth.This site was very helpful in helping me create my cake. I basically took many ideas like the fondant eyeballs and the raised 3D hand, using the grass tip for fur from here to make the final product I made.