I made this Cookie Monster cake for our two year old son. A friend of mind suggested using the head/hands sets sold during Halloween for pumpkins as a way to create a Cookie Monster inspired cake. I own a Betty Crocker bake and fill set which is used for making ice cream cakes. I chose the dome pan to make this cake. It is helpful to have a “frozen” base in which to stick the head and hands.

I used a chocolate cake mix and made my own buttercream frosting. The frosting took an entire (small) bottle of blue food coloring which I piped onto the cake. This step would be fairly difficult without a pastry bag. I tried not be “perfect” as I really wanted to create the look of fur. The inside of the cake is cookies and cream, of course, and I purchased a small bag of Chips Ahoy cookies to go around the base.

The head/hands set can be found easily on line by Googling “cookie monster pumpkin push in”. The ones that I have seen are less than $10.