I am a 12 year old girl who absolutely LOVES making cupcakes and cakes! I’ve been making them since I was about 4! So when I heard that my for my friend’s birthday she was having a dinner party, I knew I just had to make something! I was completely stuck for ideas when I remembered me and her had this inside joke about Sesame Street and the Cookie Monster, so this is where I got my inspiration to make this Cookie Monster Cake.

I bought white chocolate buttons for the eyes and cookies to make it look like he was eating a cookie. I went to my local sweet shop to try and find some ‘millions’ to make the cake have a bumpy/furry affect, and while I was choosing them I got chatting to the owner about the cakes I was planning to make. They wished me luck in making them, and asked for a picture when I was finished.

I used just a plain cupcake recipe for the actual cake and the icing was butter icing with blue food coloring. When everything was ready, I put a thin layer of icing on each cake and placed a cookie so that it was just a little bit of the edge of the cake, then I added another thick layer of icing on top of it and rolled it in a bowl of blue bubble gum flavored millions.

I made a small amount of chocolate icing and with the smallest nozzle. I piped a dot on each white chocolate button to make pupils. I placed 2 eyes in each cake and arranged them on a cake stand. To be honest taking the cakes to the party was the hardest part as they slid around all over the place and I ended up dropping a few! Luckily they were OK though!

When my friend opened her door everyone was amazed at the cupcakes and couldn’t wait to try one! They were some of my favorite cupcakes I had ever made.