Cute Homemade Cookie Monster Face Cake

My daughter LOVES Sesame Street. We even went to Sesame Place in PA this summer. For her 2nd birthday, I knew what the theme would be!

I am not super crafty, so out of all of the characters, I thought Cookie would be the easiest because he is one color. I purchased blue food coloring and vanilla white frosting. I added a whole bottle of food coloring drops to the frosting to make it blue. I used Oreo cookies and took out the cream filling and crumbled them up.

After I baked the 2, 9″ round cakes, I frosted the cake. With a toothpick, I drew out where I wanted Cookie’s eyes and mouth. I put the crumbled Oreo’s as his mouth. Then, I took 2 more Oreos and split them. I peeled off the cream to make the whites of his eyes. Then, with the rest of the cookies, I created small circles as his eye balls.

Last, but not least, I put a couple of chocolate chip cookies in his mouth!

My daughter loved it, as did everyone at the party! It was a big hit, and I was proud of myself!

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