Coolest Cosmopolitan Cake

My friend wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a Cosmopolitan in honor of the Sex and the City Movie.

Another friend and I baked a chocolate cake in a large, deep square pan. We used a cake leveler to split the cake in half and then we spread raspberry filling in the middle. We put the cake back together, then iced it and (carefully) cut the cake into the shape of a martini glass. To get the look of a cosmopolitan cake, we dyed some fondant a light pick shade for the top part and used white fondant for the glass.

To finish the decoration, we used a candy orange slice as the garnish and a sour rope as the straw and of course no birthday cosmo cake for a San Francisco girl is complete without a city background that includes the beautiful scenery as well as our beloved sports teams.

Our friend had forgotten that she had asked for it, so she was very surprised!

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