Coolest Country Cake

This country cake is my sister’s birthday cake for the year that she moved from rural Virginia to Washington, D.C.

Because I needed space I made it in in a 12X17 inch jelly roll pan. I used one box of cake mix per layer (three layers). I used chocolate cake mix both because she requested it and when we cut into the cake it looked like dirt.

We iced the whole cake green icing, then outlined the road. My brother cut wafer cookies into triangles that would outline the circle with sidewalk. Then, I filled in the sidewalk with chocolate icing with some black food dye in it. Then, I piped in the yellow lines. The dirt road is chopped peanuts mixed with shaved chocolate and coconut-pecan icing. The route 66 road sign was carved from a Hershey bar and iced.

His girlfriend created a mold out of tinfoil for the Washington Monument, melted white chocolate and then put it in the fridge to set. After it set, she shaved it with a sharp knife to remove any imperfections.

We cut the buildings from rice crispy treats and iced them. My brother sculpted the Capitol building from rice crispy treats, iced it with melted white chocolate, then piped in the details

For the barn, I just put on graham crackers for the roof. The pumpkin patch pumpkins were candies I bought at the grocery. (They are pretty common around Halloween.)

All of the buildings stayed up on their own with just icing to anchor them, but the trees were a bit trickier. My brother made some molds out of foil and filled them with melted white chocolate and skewers to essentially make a white chocolate lollipop. then we iced it and covered it in orange and yellow coconut then iced the skewers with chocolate icing.

The last thing we did was cover the cake with “grass” made from coconut dyed green.

The deer and hunter figurines came from a toy store as did the Polly pocket cars.

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