Coolest Cow Birthday Cake 24

For my baby’s first birthday we had a Barnyard Bonanza! So it was only fitting to make his cake a “MOO COW”

This is where I found your awesome site! My best friend Katie, told me to look on here for ideas. I followed the directions from a sweet lady that had submitted this similar Cow Birthday Cake, and a MONSTER was born.

Her directions were so easy, my FIRST attempt at making anything “Homemade” was a SUCCESS!

For this cake, I used a Wilton large sheet pan for the green grass background. It used two cake mixes. The Cow cake alone wasn’t enough to feed our large crowd. So this was a great way to have enough to go around.

For the cow, I used one round pan, and with the rest of the batter I filled an oven safe Pyrex bowl (for the dome shape).

When the cake cooled, I cut the bottom off the dome cake to fit inside the round cake pan for the face. With the excess cake left over I cut out 2 half circles with a drinking glass and used those for the ears.

Twinkies for the legs, Whoppers for the nose, milk duds for the eyes and a laffy taffy tongue finished my cake!

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