Easy Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

My first experience in making and decorating my 3-years-old girl birthday cake was relatively fun and easy! It added a fantastic detail to the farm party theme. I used basic white fondant to cover the cake, cut different round shapes sizes by using three sizes of cookie cutters.

After fixing the circles on the cake with some “dulce-de-leche”, covered each circle using black food paint with a paint brush. The head was made by cutting a polystyrene ball in half and covered one half with white fondant. Shaped cow ears by cutting another smaller circle in half (each half became a ear) and used black and light pink food paint to add details.

This homemade cow birthday cake ended up with a minimalist look and very unique!

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  1. I did a similar cake today for my son’s 2nd Birthday and it turned out awesome! Thanks for the idea :)

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