Sweet Homemade Cow Birthday Cake

I made this Cow birthday cake for my son’s 4th birthday. I got the idea off of a few different cakes that I found online. I can’t remember how many boxes of cake mix I used because it’s been almost a year but I think that I used 2.

The body of the cow was baked in a 10 inch round spring form pan and the head was baked in a 8 inch round spring form pan. The legs are just two cupcakes and the ears are 1 cupcake cut in half. For the icing I put a thin crumb coat on then I piped the brown spots on the cow and the did the rest with white frosting. And then you can just use whatever candy you wish for the eyes and nose and whatever else you decide to do.

This was my first cake that I had ever done that wasn’t just a regular rectangular cake and it was super fun but pretty time consuming! Hope you enjoyed!