Cute Homemade Cow Birthday Cake Idea

When I asked my daughter, who was turning three, what kind of birthday cake she wanted, she requested a mama moo-moo and baby moo-moo cake.

I searched online for a Cow Birthday Cake Idea and came across this website, and found all the inspiration that I needed!

I baked the cake in 1-9 inch pan, 1-6 inch Pyrex bowl, and the rest of the batter in cupcakes. I used a cake leveler to cut the small cake down to size. Then I iced both cakes; the body on the cake board and the small one on a piece of wax paper. Then I could peel the paper off before placing it on the body and touched up both cakes with icing after they were together.

I cut 1 cupcake in half and attached each half to the sides of the head with toothpicks and lots of icing for the ears. I used one cupcake per leg, cut in half, attached with toothpicks, and lots of icing to fill in the cracks. I let the icing crust over a bit and patted everything smooth with a paper towel. The spots I drew on with a toothpick, outlined with black chocolate icing, then filled in with the no.16 star tip.

The eyes were made with the no.12 round tip. I used pink icing and the star tip for the nose. And decorated a cupcake for the baby calf.

My daughter was very pleased with the results, and so was I!