Coolest Crayola Box Birthday Cake

To start out, I viewed all of the great ideas for a Crayola Box Birthday Cake listed on this site! I just made a few adjustments: I didn’t stack my 9×13 cakes, since I had over 40 people to feed. I baked one chocolate cake and one yellow cake, trimmed one edge off of both and stuck them together. Then I cut a step out from the top edge of the yellow cake for the “crayons” to be placed.

The other adjustment I made was to star tip the entire cake. I star tipped all of the green and red first, that way if I made a mistake, it would be easy to scrape off and do over. After completing the green, I then added the yellow.

For the cones, I did not melt the icing, I just spread a generous amount over the outside, then used a soft paintbrush, dipped in water to spread it out evenly. For a finishing touch, I added the black stripes on the crayons.

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